Friday, December 2, 2011


It's amazing how fast time can pass you by.  I was faced with about 6 hours of time to myself yesterday, in which I thought I might do something actually productive.  I didn't have a clear goal or purpose, but I don't get that much time very often.
Myself, being a gamer, I decided to open up World of Warcraft for a little while. Anyone who has ever played World of Warcraft (or WoW for short) knows how much of a mistake this was.  I was still quite inexperienced at the game (I had gotten it last month, November 15th-ish).  My character on the game was considered a "low level" character.  My travels in the game had led me to a port town called "Booty Bay", a major town that connected the two major continents of the game.
This place seemed like a good stopping point for my repetitive "quest grinding" (plus I feared my equipment was out of date for the current level of my character), so I decided to enter some dungeons with a random team of other players.  After completing a short dungeon run, which went rather smoothly, they asked if I wanted to do another as a group.  I thought about it, looked at the clock, and saw that I still had plenty of time.  "Yes," I replied, and we went on to another dungeon.  But one dungeon led to another which led to another.  I didn't get off of the game until I had wasted 4 of my 6 hours on this one game.  I was disappointed.
Once I did manage to break away from the game, I decided to search YouTube for some interesting videos.  I came across one that offered a well known piece of software to be free!  "Too good to be true," I thought, but even though I knew this was illegal, I tried using this method of obtaining the software.  Unfortunately, the method did not work, but after reading the comments and seeing that it had worked for a majority of people for a long time, I was a bit angry.  I quickly searched the internet (now knowing that obtaining this software could be installed for free) and found various new ways to get the program, but each time I tried a new method, they all ended in failure.  Each failure made me more frustrated, and then determined to find a useful tutorial on how to get it.  But soon I realized that it was deep into the night now.  My time had long passed.  I needed to get some sleep.
So, I learned yesterday the value of my time and how quickly and pointlessly it could be lost.  It's a shame, there is no way of knowing what kind of things I could have accomplished in that amount of time.  I really hope I will learn from this experience.

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